Hadoop-3.2.0 multi-node cluster

Apache Hadoop-3.2.0 installation on the multi-node cluster with an alternative backup recovery

The objective of this article is to explain how we can deploy the latest version of Apache Hadoop (Stable release: 3.2.0 / January 16, 2019)  on the multi-node cluster to store […]

Installation of Apache Hadoop 3.2.0

Apache Hadoop 3.2.0 has been released after incorporating many outstanding enhancements over the previous stable release. The objective of this article is to explain step by step installation of Apache […]

Manual procedure to add a new Datanode into an existing basic data lake without Apache Ambari or Cloudera Manager. Constructed using HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) on the multi-node cluster

The aim of this article is to highlight the essential steps when there would be a need for a new DataNode into an exiting multi-node Hadoop cluster. Midsize or startup […]