Training on cutting edge technologies

Besides, sharing our knowledge through Blogs, E-Books, External E-Books, videos etc on Big Data processing using Hadoop and its ecosystem, we are pleased to furnish online training with real time project execution methodology, POC development on real time use cases. Emphasizing more to learn better and in deeper by using our developed multiple use-cases starting from deployment to execution. These use cases are the output of our consolidated learning and expertise gathered at various clients projects. We have the expertise to guide/mentor with subsequent design and development on project coursework for the undergraduate, postgraduate and research scholar who wants to expose himself as an absorbable resource to the IT industry by executing the project with the real-time use cases related to data processing, data mining, data ingestion into multi-node cluster, Cloud environment etc.

    • Hadoop and its eco system for Big Data processing     Click here to know more
      • Basic without individual environment setup
      • Intermediate with single node cluster setup on Ubuntu
      • Expert Level that includes multinode cluster setup on AWS Cloud.

    • Kafka – A distributed streaming platform. To build real-time streaming data pipelines, massive data (Big data) ingestion into Hadoop Distributed File Systems to process and analyse by Data Scientists.
      • Basic understanding with Publish and Subscribe Messaging Systems.
      • Advanced course followed by
        • Kafka Architecture
        • Cluster set-up on Ubuntu
        • Zookeeper with Kafka set-up
        • Exercise and real-time case studies.

    • Spark – A fast, general engine and in-memory computing for large-scale data processing.
      • Basic understanding of Spark, Resilient Distributed Dataset and DataFrames.
      • Advanced course
        • Spark application programming
        • Spark libraries
        • Configuration, Monitoring and Tuning

Apache Zookeeper

    • ZooKeeper – ZooKeeper is a distributed co-ordination service to manage large set of hosts. Co-ordinating and managing a service in a distributed environment is a complicated process. ZooKeeper solves this issue with its simple architecture and API.
      • Basic understanding of ZooKeeper and its utilization .
      • Advanced course
        • Installation in Single as well as multi-node cluster
        • Kafka Zookeeper setup
        • Zookeeper cluster utilization for Hadoop HA
        • APIs on Zookeeper