Contact Us is the incubator for online learning, real-time case studies and POC (Proof of concept) development. Specifically emphasizing to bring knowledge and learning skills to the people/student communities on Big Data processing frameworks, Environment setup, Data ingestion from various sources to cluster of servers, securities on the large volume of data in a distributed manner etc. If you’re considering to develop new POC to address real-time issues and want to dig more into the technologies, simply fill up the inquiry form (Right Side) or send us an email to [email protected].

We will email or contact you very soon. Besides, you are welcome to share your technical expertise through this platform in the form of videos, study materials, case studies etc so that this online platform can be knowledge provider for underprivileged, financial weak student communities etc. RSS Feed

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We rely on support from people like you who have the excellent technical expertise and willing to give us videos, soft copy study materials etc. We will consider you as a respected volunteer in our platform and publish all on behalf of your identity so that desired people can access from anywhere at anytime. Please email us at
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