Why Kappa Architecture for processing of streaming data. Have competence to superseding Lambda Architecture?

Data is quickly becoming the new currency of the digital economy, but it is useless if it can’t be processed. The processing of data is essential for subsequent decision-making or […]


The Lakehouse: An uplift of Data Warehouse Architecture

In short, the initial architecture of the data warehouse was designed to provide analytical insights by collecting data from various heterogeneous data sources into the centralized repository and acted as […]


Install and Configuration of Apache Hive-3.1.2 on multi-node Hadoop-3.2.0 cluster with MySQL for Hive metastore

The apache Hive is a data warehouse system built on top of the  Apache Hadoop.  Hive can be utilized for easy data summarization, ad-hoc queries, analysis of large datasets stores […]

Permission issue

Resolve permission issue among DataNodes with NameNode to establish Secure Shell /SSH without passphrase

Sometimes it has been observed that when we configure and deploy multi-node Hadoop cluster or add new DataNodes, there is a SSH permission issue in communication with Hadoop daemons. In […]

Apache Hadoop 3.2.0

Issue in starting node and resource manager in Apache Hadoop 3.2.0 with OpenJDK 11

Resolved ” Error occurred during initialization of boot layer java.lang.module.FindException: Module java.activation not found” while starting node and resource manager in Apache Hadoop 3.2.0 with OpenJDK 11. It has been […]

Installation of Apache Hadoop 3.2.0

Apache Hadoop 3.2.0 has been released after incorporating many outstanding enhancements over the previous stable release. The objective of this article is to explain step by step installation of Apache […]