Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka, The next Generation Distributed Messaging System.

In Big Data project, the main challenge is to collect an enormous volume of data. We need a distributed high throughput messaging systems to overcome it. Apache Kafka is designed […]

Pursuit of Artificial Intelligence in Test Automation (ONLINEGUWAHATI – 3.0 Mobile & DT Automation Framework)

At OnlineGuwahati.com, we have always been on the eye out to pick the best happenings in the industry and leverage it to make our tools and frameworks more efficient, smart […]

Facebook data extraction

Facebook data extraction using R & process in Data Lake

Facebook data extraction can be done by multiple ways including Facebook’s Graph API. Using R, how can we perform has been explained here. This E-book has been contributed by technical […]

Edge computing

Fog Computing

Fog computing also refer to Edge computing. Cisco Systems introduced the term “Fog Computing” and it’s not the replacement of cloud computing. Ideally cloud computing points to storing and accessing […]